Our Mission

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How we came to develop this mission statement?

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) is a common illness. It accounts for about 15 percent of consultations at neurology outpatient clinics. It is second only to headache in the these clinics. Although common, FND took longer than other illnesses to come to the focus of rigorous scientific research. Recently, a new model for understanding FND started to emerge. The new model strives to explain this condition and gives direction to its treatment.

Current research informs us that patients with FND have many challenges in accessing suitable treatment. Numerous services provide diagnostic assessments for patients with Functional Neurological Disorder. Treatment and continuing care are extremely lacking. Research points to the fact that some patients diagnosed with disabling FND, in the developed world, continue to live for decades with no access to treatment services or to any education on their diagnosis. Our Service was developed with a mission of helping to fill this gap. With its minimal resources, this service started supporting some patients with FND and aims to continue this task despite its meagre material resource.

Current research also points to some limitations in the understanding of FND among clinicians and the public. Our mission is to develop FND educational programs and events for clinicians to promote better understanding and better explanation of this diagnosis.

Finally, we embarked on a rich research agenda looking into the symptoms and treatment of Functional Neurological Disorder.