WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING REFERRALS for clinical services in any of the programs listed on this website. Check back for future educational opportunities.


The Functional Neurological Disorder Program Society is an unfunded service with extremely limited resources. We aim to support a sustainable service. Our target population has no other community programs. Please read the referral criteria carefully, and submit your appropriate referrals following the procedure outlined below. Following the referral process as outlined will tremendously help us serve our patients with the limited resource that we have. Thank You!

Welcome to the FND Program Society. We hope to be of help to all patients with functional conditions.

What we require for a referral to be accepted:

  • A diagnosis of a functional neurological disorder or other functional condition
  • The diagnosis is made by a neurologist, neuropsychiatrist or physiatrist. For patients with other, non-neurological symptoms, we require an evaluation report by a specialist in their respective presenting symptoms: a gastroenterologist for functional GI states, a urologist for related symptoms, and ENT specialist or a gastroenterologist for dysphagia, a cardiologist and a neurologist evaluations  for functional syncopy: Please ensure that you attach the specialist evaluation report, so that your patient is considered.
  • A Referral Form
  • Patient's ability to engage in treatment and educational programs offered

We welcome referrals from colleague physicians from other disciplines and nurse practitioners, endorsed by a detailed report from a specialist confirming the diagnosis of a functional condition and a completed referral form which you can find here.

We would be pleased to consider patients with all forms of functional neurological disorders, including:

  • Non-epileptic attack disorder (Functional Seizures)​
  • Functional movement disorders
  • Functional sensory symptoms, PPPD
  • Functional cognitive disorder

We would also be pleased to assist suitable patients with functional urological disorders or functional gastrointestinal disorders if referred by a specialist physician in gastroenterology or urology. Examples of these conditions are:

  • Interstitial cystitis/pelvic pain syndrome
  • Functional dysphagia
  • Cyclical vomiting syndrome
  • Functional Syncopy

Exclusion Criteria

We regret that we do not have the skills or the resources to serve patients with the following unrelated conditions:

  • Factitious disorder, variants of factitious disorder (Please consider referral to a community psychologist)
  • Narcotics-related sensory disorders (Please consider referral to services specializing in substance use disorders)
  • Patients with other more prominant major neurological or psychiatric disorders that require initial treatment by a more suitable service before consideration (Uncontrolled Parkinson's Disease with functional motor symptoms, active schizophrenia with FND, substance use disorder with functional symptoms)

We are not able to offer:

  • Diagnostic workups for patients with unexplained neurological or medical symptoms (Please consider a referral to a tertiary neurological service).
  • Treatment of psychiatric conditions in the context of neurological disorders: e.g. depression in the context of epilepsy, psychosis in the context of Parkinson’s Disease, personality changes post head injury (Please consder a referral to Mental Health Services)
  • Second opinions
  • Court reports and legal evaluations

If you are seeking general psychiatric services, may we suggest that you refer your patient to Mental Health Services. If you are seeking services for conditions listed under exclusions, please contact your local neurological service - psychiatric service - pain program to explore what is available.